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  1. Thank you for what you do. I am a very small individual investor with less than 10k in the market and have lost a bit of money as a result of some of your research, but I very much recognize to begrudge that would be to root for fraud. Until now, while I have understood what short selling is and how it works, I have never quite understood a strong moral argument for it until reading through your reports and coming to terms with my own bad investment choices: I believe financial incentive to find and expose fraudulent companies does more to clean up the market in this regard than any amount of regulation and rules from government entities or groups that really do not have any skin in the game. Good on you–you have earned a nice amount of money and done a service to the concepts of truth and transparency at the same time. Keep up the good work and do not let the whiners who care more about their money than business realities get under your skin.

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