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  1. A big SEC whistle blower check coming your way I see..if this investigation shows no wrong doing, I wonder what the time will be for stock manipulation will get you and your cronies. Oh BTW,I be you’re shorting your silvercorp stock as I’m typing this.

  2. hello alfred little I see you hired Andy Hoffman very likely anyway to be your minion now.

    good job at giving out classified information which breaks the sec rule book and getting Tony M Frouge into trouble. I wonder really.

    Sec should hate you very much for this and you again gloating about it proves you paid for it again.

    also leaving out much key info again. andy hoffman is getting lots of heat for this as he disables the comment section again.

    and also are you going to let this post get through or will you edit it as you always do when it goes against you, you fraud.

    also timing it when the banksters were going to target gold and silver anyway during those days. as well makes us all suspect and for good reason you were hired by their group you bankster trash.

    good bye corrupt criminals.

  3. well I see you thought my message was threatening enough that you refuse to post it.

    well then thanks for confirming my suspicions of your group. thanks.
    correct I am using fake emails and names and ips to send you this message.

    also you are now on trial again for lph but in this case I dont think you did anything wrong lucky for you.

    you merely shamelessly tried to piggy back on geo investing and tried to do a suck up to them. yes you loser.

    pathetic after constantly humiliating yourself you constantly try to boost your reputation now. laughable.

    you will only destroy your related parties. and yes I even posted on their website to ask their opinion of you and you know what many of them said they dislike your report on svm. like no duh.

    but in their article they did mention your kun huang yes you know the employee you asked to steal for you? basically they sympathize with him and I commented that they should stop as you and your group has in fact broken the laws after all. stalking then taking property is the definition of stealing.

    forget fraud if it is too hard to charge you guys with that then stealing property.
    but even you admit you have stolen from svm how pathetic is that ?oh lord.

    also to your moderator and editor do you really think you should be working for this scum bag?
    he will later sell you down the river.

    wall street banksters are all alike. careful.
    they will make you take the fall instead of them.

    I believe if you guys would have apologized kun huang would have been released by now but you all stubbornly want to frame other people instead.

    your boss constantly gloating is pathetic btw and shows his character he is of the low class type I dont know why you guys follow him. what do you all really want to stay as gangsters destroying the world? how about trying to save the world instead?

    there are lots of banksters looting in Europe just look at Cyprus. For god sakes stop helping them already. leave Jon Carnes and work to expose these vampire squids. Well that is if you are not him yourself.

    what are you exposing now eh? I had to point out so many of your mistakes.
    how many now?

    -what summer of 2012 you used inferred only instead of the weighted average? and I had to do the calculations for you and proved you wrong again? you also used 700-800 g/t instead of 407 g/t you already used before showing us that you were committing fraud again.

    -what you misread the tables and gloated about it and then said they alluded to fraud because of misspeaking when your boss ears heard wrong?

    -also recently the Bank of montreal was the one wrong on estimates and you leaving out that key information?

    I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU PEOPLE! how can you work for that fraud?

    Andy Hoffman? I think Jon paid him off actually or gave very misleading data at the bare min.
    Going as far as to disable comments.

    this already tells anyone with a brain you boys were the ones behind it all. any idiot can see this but too bad most of society are worse than idiots.

    stop just stop. If you believe in any religion you are all going to go to hell for this in the end you know.

    and if you aren’t religious.

    Then ask yourself is this really what you want to do with your life?
    exposing real companies as frauds and destroying economies?


    if it was a real fraud then you would have gotten it already but you are now working with bankster cartels that throw 5 billion oz of silver onto the market at their leisure because they are hiding inflation data and want to look more from the poor.

    for god sakes. stop working with criminals. or do you have no more conscience?

    anyway avoid Jon Carnes if you are their employee. you can read this yourself and think.

  4. lets see if you will even post this as this is only a short snippet or are you all such cowards you wont even post 1 sentence.

    yes you are all likely hired by the same people that dumped 5 billion oz of silver onto the market during the Cyprus crisis.
    so are you related parties?

  5. hmm considering you finally post my posts it must be that your agenda is complete in waiting for your masters to short the silver market.

    as expected you do in fact work for the silver shorts.

    thanks for confirming this by the way you and your lackeys act it is very obvious btw.
    being hired for the job how do you feel about helping evil.

    lets hope you are comfortable in hell anyway good luck.

    also maybe you should stop insulting chinese as your employees are chinese and your wife is also chinese they feel bad deep down I believe. they must hate themselves and their own genes and have a self esteem problem.

    good for you for making it worse for them. or do you think of them as slaves to boost your ego?

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