Globe and Mail Special Report on Silvercorp’s Illegal Payments to Chinese Police Nominated for National Newspaper Award

In 2011, journalists Andy Hoffman and Mark MacKinnon won a National Newspaper Award (“NNA”) for their investigative reporting on the multi-billion dollar Sino-Forest fraud.  Yesterday, Andy and Mark were nominated for a 2012 NNA for their special report calling into question illegal payments Silvercorp Metals Inc. (NYSE: SVM) made to bribe Chinese police to investigate and arrest a Canadian research analyst, Kun Huang, in retaliation for negative reports I published on Silvercorp.  The Globe and Mail report found that Silvercorp had reimbursed police hotel expenses and had provided luxury cars and drivers for the police to use as needed during the course of their investigation.  Not charged with any crime, Mr. Huang has been illegally imprisoned since 7/22/12 in the town of Luoyang adjacent to Silvercorp’s Ying mining district.

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