Silvercorp Management Misled Investors with a False Cash Flow Forecast and Delayed Negative News

I am blowing the whistle today on Silvercorp Metals Inc. (NYSE: SVM) for misleading investors by publishing and repeatedly promoting a patently false fiscal 2013 operating cash flow forecast of $160 million, an increase of 42% over 2012.  SVM management published and touted this forecast despite only generating $43 million in operating cash flow in the first half of fiscal 2013, a decrease of 38% from 2012.  Furthermore, I will show that SVM management selectively disclosed lower operating cash flow guidance in presentations to one group of investors, while continuing to show the higher cash flow forecast to all other investors.  Then in early 2013 SVM management staged a series of positive announcements to boost the stock price while delaying disclosure of negative developments including a write-down, project delay and sharply reduced production guidance.


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