A*L Prepares to Expose More Chinese U.S. Listed Frauds

I am now preparing to publish new reports exposing more Chinese U.S. listed stock frauds that I am certain will be delisted and decline to zero.  As I have done in the past, I am sharing all of my evidence with the appropriate regulators so they can take action against these companies and their management, some of who are U.S. citizens.

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4 responses

  1. The least you could do is put the symbols in. I’m sure you already filed your whistleblower reward request so why not give your loyal readers something to bite into instead of your history?

    Do you just need to see the one day drop on the release of your report to feed your own ego? Let’s face it if you are releasing the report and trading at all in these names, you already have your position so why make your loyal readers wait for the full report? The easiest way to make money on your reports is to buy them and play the bounce up while your lemmings short them all the way down and then get caught too short too fast.

    Kind of a sucky way to do things in my opinion. other than that, I appreciate your research, just not your method of releasing it. you ego must need quite a stroking.

    BTW, ever get any whistle blower rewards yet for your research? I’ve turned in many similar reports that i don’t release to the public but haven’t been able to claim a cent from the SEC…………yet anyway

    • Please stay tuned, I am quite backlogged with reports to publish. There are a lot more frauds to expose. The NYSE and NASDAQ need to delist FU and LLEN (tying up my capital) before I can proceed.

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